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Unlock Investment Properties with NOI

Given the significance of NOI to investors and lenders, it's essential that you know how to calculate it for investment properties.
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You Must Understand LTV and DSCR

Whether you're underwriting a loan as a lender or negotiating loan terms as a borrower, LTV and DSCR should be top of mind.
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Why Everyone Talks About Cap Rates

If you’ve spent time around people in the commercial real estate industry, you’ve undoubtedly heard the term “cap rate.”
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The Accredited Investor’s Advantage

Determine if you're an accredited investor and, if so, start planning the next steps on your investment journey.
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Key Advantages of Real Estate Debt Investments

Learn how less risk, stable returns, and improved diversification make debt investing a smart move for savvy investors.
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How to Mitigate the Risk of Default

Lenders, highly vested in the success of both their loans and borrowers, utilize a number of key mitigants to manage the risk of default.
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Selecting the Best Risk/Return Strategy

When it comes to how most real estate investors think about risk and return, their strategies tend to fall into one of four categories.
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Are Hard Money Loans Really Hard?

What are the characteristics of a hard money loan, when do they make sense for borrowers, and why are they called "hard?"
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Keeping It Real with IRR

As IRR is a commonly cited metrics in private placement memoranda for investment properties, make sure you know what it means.
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